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Bamboo straws

Using bamboo straws to replace plastic straws is one of the “green living” trends of many countries in the world.

After many trials, in October 2018, we sucessfully procuded bamboo straw. This is the straw, which is made from Vietnamese bamboo and 100% natural production.

Bamboo straws from Vietnam
Bamboo straws from Vietnam

Our bamboo straws are diligently produced by skillful workers. In addition, the raw materials are special kind of Vietnamese bamboo by a careful selection process. By many steps of traditional production, bamboo straw is the replacement of plastic straw that are using.

Especially, bamboo straw is friendly to the environment and safe for users. Unlike plastic straw, bamboo straw can be used many times. After using, you wash and keep them at the dry places for next uses.

Bamboo straws processing

Therefore, we would like to offer you this kind of natural straw based on terms and conditions:

Commodity: Bamboo straw

Trademark: Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Length: 20 cm or under customer’s requirements

Diameter: Size S (5 – 7 mm) and size M (8 – 10 mm)

Shipment time: 05 – 07 days after receiving deposit or original L/C

Bamboo straws for export

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