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Wood pellets

Wood pellets are a type of biological fuel produced from agricultural and forestry by-products such as sawdust, wood chips, rice husks, etc. Through the process of screening, drying and pressing with high temperature and pressure, wood pellets generate high density and energy value, which can replace fossil fuels. In addition, using wood pellets also helps to protect the environment and is friendly with users.

Wood pellets from Vietnam
Wood pellets from Vietnam

Wood pellets are an emerging commodity of the export wood processing industry. Production and export of wooden pellets have just grown strongly in the past five years. However, Vietnam has become the second largest exporter of wood pellets in the world. Particularly in 2021, Vietnam’s wood pellet exports will reach 3.5 million MTs, with export revenue of USD 413 million.

Korea and Japan are the two main markets for Vietnam’s wood pellet consumption. Both these countries account for more than 99.8% of Vietnam’s wood pellet export value in 2021. Smaller markets are Taiwan and China.

Use wood pellets for thermol power plants

Wood pellets are produced from waste materials of the agricultural, forestry and fishery industries. Specifically, the raw materials for the production of pellets are mainly from: by-products of the wood processing industry (chips, sawdust, tree bark chips, wood scraps…) or crop residues (rice husk after milling, bagasse, corn stalks, sugarcane, stalks, coffee bean husks…).

According to the Vietnam Wood and Forest Products Association (VIFOREST), foreign companies import wood pellets for biological fuel, barn desiccant and fertilizer for plants because of 100% organic raw materials.

A wood pellet factory in Vietnam

Currently, wood pellet products are also in application of international standards such as: Sustainable Forest Management Certification (FSC-FM), Chain of Custody Certification (FSC-CoC), Certified Wood control (FSC-CW). Applying these standards help enterprises control their raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Vietnam has more than 80 enterprises directly involving in exporting wooden pallets and over 300 factories. However, Vietnam has a relatively weak force of factories, while the export scale is concentrated in a few large companies.

We, Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd, are one of the leading exporters of wooden pellets in Vietnam. Here are several specifications of our product:

Product’s name: Wood pellets (Origin: Vietnam)

Diameter: 8mm

Length: 1cm – 5cm

Moisture: less than 10%

Ash: 5% maximum

Net calorific value: 16.5MJ/kg or more

Wood pellet packing for export
In the future, the wooden pellet industry still has a lot of room for sustainable development. The demand for wood pellets in Japan will continue to increase. Wood industry entrepreneurs believe that the volume of pellets exported to this market will be able to expand 3 times in the period 2024-2025 compared to the present.

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