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We are one of the leading exporters of handicraft products from Vietnam. If you are interested, please contact us via tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email:


We offer cinnamon products from Vietnam at the best price and quality. Any request, please contact by tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email:


We supply star aniseed originated from Vietnam with the high quality and the best price. Please contact us by tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email: for more information


We are a reliable supplier of fresh carrot from Vietnam. For more information, please contact us by tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email:


Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. supplies chilli in two forms: fresh chilli and frozen chilli. If you are interested in our chilli, please contact us by tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email:


Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. is proud as a trustworthy exporter of seedless lime in Vietnam. We offer high-quality seedless lime with the best price. Please contact us by tel/whatsapp +84 989 649 804 or email: for more information

Handicrafts from Vietnam

Vietnam handicraft

Handicraft is one of the strongest export sectors of Vietnam, which is present in all markets from Asia to Europe and America. Through many ups and downs in the process of formation and development, Vietnam handicraft has increasingly affirmed its firm position in the international market. In fact, the trend of consumers in the world […]

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Vietnamese cinnamon sticks

Vietnamese cinnamon

In Vietnam, cinnamon has another name as cassia. Vietnamese cinnamon is grown in several provinces but mainly in Yen Bai province. Specifically, Yen Bai accounts for nearly 90% of total of Vietnamese cinnamon. This land has soil and weather which are very favorable for growing high quality cinnamon in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the […]

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Star aniseed from Vietnam

Star aniseed

Star aniseed or star anise as another name, which is a spice tree, growing a lot in Vietnam. Production of star anise in Vietnam ranks the second in the world, after China. Lang Son, Cao Bang, and Quang Ninh are the main provinces of growing star aniseed with an area of more than 50,000 ha. […]

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Vietnamese carrot: 2L size for Korean market

Vietnamese carrot

Vietnamese carrot is mostly cultivated in Hai Duong province and Bac Ninh province. Total area of carrot cultivation in two provinces is more than 4,000 ha with an annual quantity of 150,000 MTs. Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. has earned an outstanding reputation for high quality carrot from Vietnam to the global market Moreover, our prices are […]

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Frozen red chilli from Vietnam

Fresh (Frozen) chilli

Fresh chilli is sporadically planted in provinces: Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Dong Nai, Lang Son… Average capacity ranges from 10 MTs to 15 MTs per hectare. Normally, the first season of Vietnamese fresh chilli begins in April and finishes in August. Then, farmers take time to harvest and improve soil. After that, they cultivate the […]

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Vietnamese seedless lime

Seedless lime

Seedless lime (lime without seeds) is a special kind of fruit from Vietnam. Seedless lime is mostly planted in Southern provinces under VietGap standards. Therefore, Vietnamese seedless lime can meet any requirement for export. Each year, Vietnam exports hundred thousands of tones of seedless lime. The main export markets for Vietnamese seedless lime are Singapore, The […]

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Vietnamese cabbage

Vietnamese cabbage

Fresh cabbage is one of the most popular vegetables in Vietnam. Cabbage is cultivated in almost provinces in the North in Vietnam. Hai Duong and Hung Yen are two main provinces that provide Vietnamese cabbage to export. There are two kind of fresh cabbage: round cabbage and chinese cabbage. Each year, the two provinces supply […]

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Bamboo straws from Vietnam

Bamboo straws

Using bamboo straws to replace plastic straws is one of the “green living” trends of many countries in the world. After many trials, in October 2018, we sucessfully procuded bamboo straw. This is the straw, which is made from Vietnamese bamboo and 100% natural production. Our bamboo straws are diligently produced by skillful workers. In […]

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Latest Posts

Vietnam carrot: Harvesting process

Hai Duong province: Promoting for Vietnam carrot consumption
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 17/11/2020 | No Comments

Vietnam carrot tree, which has become a traditional crop in Hai Duong province, enriched farmers for more than 40 years. Up to now, the whole…

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Vietnam organic split casssia

Yen Bai aims to produce Vietnam organic cassia
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 12/08/2020 | No Comments

In Yen Bai province, most of the people live on agro-forestry production. Due to the climate and soil, which are suitable for cassia…

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Harvesting cinnamon trees

Thai Nguyen province: Exploiting the potentials of Vietnam cinnamon products
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 07/08/2020 | No Comments

Vietnam cinnamon products have been in the land of Thai Nguyen province for more than 20 years from a settlement projects for ethnic…

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Vietnam star aniseed

Journey to export Vietnam star aniseed to Europe
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 07/08/2020 | No Comments

Bringing Vietnam star aniseed to European supermarkets without any intermediaries is  Vietnam’s ambition to register for protection of geographical indications in this market….

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Vietnam organic cinnamon: harvesting process

Yen Bai: Building a Vietnam organic cinnamon production area
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 31/07/2020 | No Comments

As part of the Commercial Project implemented by Helvetas organization, there are more than 20 households participating in growing Vietnam organic cinnamon. Accordingly,…

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Vietnam star anise: collecting process

Bac Kan: Vietnam star anise reaches high price and high productivity
Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 30/07/2020 | No Comments

These days, local people in Bac Kan province have been busy with harvesting fresh star anise. In this year’s crop, farmers are excited…

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