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Dear valuable customers,

We would like to thank you for your cooperation. In order to help customers to be easy and convenient to do business with Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. we make clear several basic steps, as follows:

Inquiry: Legally, this is a petition to enter the transaction. But on the commercial side, this is where buyers ask sellers the prices and terms of purchase. Buyers can ask Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. via the following means:

√ Tel/Whatsapp/Kakao Talk: +84 989 649 804

√ Email:

√ Website:

When you prepare inquiry, please state the name of products and detail specifications. Your detail specifications contain size and color of product, quality and quantity, place of origin, shipment terms and conditions … Your detail specifications shall be the basic consideration for us to offer you at the best prices.

Offer: After receiving customer’s inquiry, we shall consider your specifications and offer customers at the best prices. Our offer is mostly based on terms and conditions of customer’s inquiry and several other terms and conditions.

Acceptance or confirmation: After receiving offer from Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd., customers consider terms and conditions once again. If customers agree on such terms and conditions, customers shall send us a acceptance email.

Draft contract: When we receive customer’s acceptance email, we shall send customers a draft of all terms and conditions negotiated before. If possible, customers would fill some information in the draft, such as name, address, telephone of customer’s company. After customers finish, please send it back to us.

Official contract: The official contract restates the amended draft of contract and has Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s stamp and signature. The official is the highest legal document which stipulates terms and conditions both parties agreed before. The scan of the official contract shall be sent to customers by email and the original will be sent by express later.

Payment: Payment is the final step of business transaction. We accept common payment methods in international trade, such as T/T or L/C at sight.

Agrideco Vietnam Cooperation

Agrideco Vietnam Cooperation

In summary, there are several basic steps in international trading above. In addition, the process can be reduced or extended depending on specific circumstances. We hope to be your reliable partner and friend in the international business world.

Yours faithfully,

Agrideco Vietnam team