Exporting Vietnamese carrots to Malaysia

Vietnamese carrots in Malaysia

In the first export time, 100 MTs of Vietnamese carrots came to Malaysian consumers.

There was another Vietnamese agricultural product coming to Malaysia, which was carrot planting in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. In the first export time, there were 100 MTs of Vietnamese carrots were consumed in this Southeast Asian country.

Together with lychee, longan, dragon fruit…, carrot was the one of agricultural products of Vietnam coming to Malaysian consumers. This was an agreement between a Vietnamese fruit company and a Malaysian partner and sold through supermarket chains.

In the first launch, Vietnamese carrots were sold at RM1.99 (10,200 dong / kg), lower than the price Chinese carrots. According to the representative of the importer, this price was so easy for Malaysian consumers to buy and hence know the quality of Vietnamese carrots. Also, with such price level, carrots from Vietnam can replace  Chinese carrots that have been available for many years in Malaysia.

The main purpose of this first launch was for Malaysian consumers to know the carrots from Vietnam. The businesses here also believed that carrots should be successful as Vietnamese lychees. When Malaysian consumers know about Vietnamese carrots with good quality and reasonable price, they would increase consumption.
Vietnamese source: vtv.vn