Exporting Vietnamese garlic and shallot to developed markets

Vietnamese garlic and shallot to export

For years, garlic and shallot have become the main spices of farmers in Hai Duong province, Vietnam. However, Vietnamese garlic and shallot have faced difficulties in competition from cheap garlic and shallot. Exporting Vietnamese garlic and shallot is a potential way for farmers in Hai Duong province.

In the past, farmers in Hai Duong province used to exporting garlic and shallot. Since the 1980s, many traders came Hai Duong province to buy garlic and shallot for export. The main markets for Vietnamese garlic and shallot were the countries of the socialist system. After the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries collapsed, Vietnam did not export garlic and shallot to these markets.

According to the Department of Agriculture of Hai Duong, the area of ​​garlic and shallot in the province is about 6,000 ha. Production quantity of garlic and shallot is approximately 70,000 MTs. Moreover, garlic and shallot quality here is highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign customers.

Recently, due to the yuan’s depreciation, exporting Vietnamese garlic and shallot to China has faced many difficulties. However, global demand for Vietnamese spices has been increasing. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises are looking for opportunities to export garlic and shallot from Vietnam to developed markets, such as South Korea, the Middle East, Japan and Euzone.

Exporting Vietnamese garlic and shallot is the right step to increase the value of these spices. However, in order to meet import requirements, farmers must ensure a stable supply and user – safety.

At present, the growing area of garlic and shallot in accordance with clean standards in Hai Duong is developing quickly. The province is collaborating with agricultural specialists to build a large – scale garlic and shallot area under VietGap. After successful testing, the province will replicate the model to other locations. This is an effective and sustainable way to export Vietnamese garlic and shallot successfully.

Vietnamese garlic and shallot

Vietnamese garlic and shallot

On the business side, Mr. Kazuiuky Oguchi, who is the business representative of Inabata (Japan) is looking for Vietnamese garlic and shallot said: “We are very interested in garlic and shallot in Hai Duong province. This quality of such spices here is better than those in other places..

However, we are still wondering about the output stability of Vietnamese agricultural products. We learned that Vietnamese garlic and shallot were available in the winter crop, and other crops did not. So beyond that time, will Hai Duong ensure the necessary supplies”.

“It is necessary to install a cold storage system to store and preserve garlic and shallot. This will ensure that garlic and shallot can be strored for export throughout the year “, he recommended.

A representative of Hai Duong Department of Agriculture affirmed: “In the coming time, developed markets such as Japan, Korea, USA, and EU tend to switch from Chinese garlic and shallot to those in Vietnam. Therefore, we need to get such opportunity quickly to export Vietnamese garlic and shallot.”

In addition, there should be a close collaboration between garlic and shallot growers and enterprises. Commitments must ensure the interest harmony among parties. Along with improving quality, it is necessary to build trademark for Vietnamese garlic and shallot. Once doing these well, we export Vietnamese garlic and shallot to the developed market with high quality standards.

Vietnamese source: tintucnongnghiep.com