Long An province: farmers of seedless lime earn high income

Seedless lime field

Since the New Year to date, farmers in Long An province have been exciting because seedless lime is at the good season and high price. After deducting costs, farmers earn hundreds of millions of VND per hectare.

According to traders, this year, the price of fresh lime is high due to long period of hot weather. The temperature of Long An province and neighboring provinces are up to 40 degrees celsius. Therefore, the demand to use fresh lime to make soft drinks increases quickly. In particular, Ho Chi Minh city market is in the very high demand for this fruit.

Seedless lime field

Currently, traders buy seedless lime at the garden with the price around 15,000 VND / kg. In the meanwhile, they buy lemon at the price of 10,000 VND / kg.

“The seedless lime export market this year is more than last year, so the price also increases and keeps high level for a long time,” said Nguyen Huy Hung, owner of a processing factory of fresh lime for export in Ben Luc District.

According to many local growers, the average productivity of a hectare generates more than 20 tons per year. With the current price, after deducting all expenses, farmers earn a profit of over one hundred million dong per hectare.

“Last year the price of seedless lime reached to 30,000 VND / kg. However, after only one week, the price dropped dramatically. This year, the price is high, lasting from December to the present. Therefore, local farmers are very happy with the high profit, “said a local farmer.

Seedless lime from Vietnam

Thanks to the application of intensive farming and suitable care, the seedless lime gardens are growing well and fruitful despite being a time of paradox.

Up to present, Tran Van Ut’s family has harvested more than 17 tons of fresh lime. With a price of 15,000 VND / kg, after deducting the cost, Mr. Ut’s family earns nearly 200 million VND.