Hanoi: High-tech agriculture has broken out

High-tech agriculture in Hanoi

In 2018, Hanoi developed many models of high-tech agriculture. Accordingly, it enhanced the value of agricultural products and increased income for farmers.

Take the organic vegetable model of Mr. Quy in Dan Phuong district as an example. Although his model has been in operation for more than one year, it has become a special model of high-tech agriculture. Specifically, the grid area of the model is 4,000 m2, with drip irrigation system to save water, and varieties come from Taiwan.

Thanks to the application of technology, vegetable products ensure food safety standards. Therefore, they should be preferred by consumers. Currently, on daily average, her family harvests 3 tons of fresh vegetables, with the selling price ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 VND / kg.

High-tech agriculture model: Mushroom
High-tech agriculture model: Mushroom

“In the peak season, the sales revenue amounted to hundreds of millions of dong per day. Economic accounting shows that the model generates an average income value of 6 billion VND / ha / year”, Mr. Quy shared.

One of the most superior models is the high-tech agriculture of asparagus in Phu Xuyen district. Specifically, the area of 5 hectares of asparagus generates a yield of 20 tons / ha, ensuring quality standards and food safety. With the current market price of 150,000 VND / kg, this will be an agricultural product that brings high economic efficiency for local farmers.

According to governor, the whole city currently has more than 120 models of high-tech agriculture, which generatesthe high value. In particular, cultivation accounted for 18%, livestock 34%, fisheries 13%.

The models of high-tech agriculture in the city over time have all brought efficiency. Demand is always higher than supply. Although prices are higher than mass-produced products from 20-30%, many consumers still choose.

In the coming time, the agricultural sector will focus on brand building, trade promotion, promoting more new models. Furthermore, the sector aims to export high-tech agricultural products, focusing on fruits and vegetables.