Natural straws: New trend to reduce plastic products

Vietnamese bamboo straws

There are many things that can replace plastic straws, which are less harmful to the environment and still ensure convenience. They are natural straws, such as bamboo straws, grass straws, and reed straws.

The Be Zero organization lists that more than 500 million plastic straws used every day in the United States. Plastic straws, similar to plastic bags, are used for a few minutes, but it takes decades to decompose. The above figure has made a strong impact on mankind’s awareness and formed a new trend of environmental protection.

Therefore, recently, many people have changed to use various types of natural straws, which can be used many times.

Bamboo straws

Unlike plastic straws that can be used only one time, bamboo straws can be used many times in one year. There are many companies which produces and even export bamboo straws. This is a very good signal, contributing to protecting the living environment.

Vietnamese bamboo straws
Vietnamese bamboo straws

In addition, bamboo straws are also quite diverse in design. Most bamboo straws are as the same length as regular 20 cm and 7 – 8 mm diameter. Therefore, they are very comfortable to use.

Grass straws

In addition to bamboo straws, a new type of natural straw also fascinates many green living believers, which are grass straws. This type of straw is safe for health and the environment and can completely replace plastic straws.

Vietnamese grass straws

In the past, this kind of grass were dried to make handicraft products such as cushions, bags, and hats. Recently, this plant has been used to make straws due to its advantages such as benign, odorless, available and special, natural materials, easy to degrade in the environment.

Grass straws are handcrafted, used when the grass is fresh, stored at 28oC for 5 days. After use, grass straws can be washed and stored in the refrigerator for two weeks. The length of grass straws ranges from 20 to 28 cm, the inner diameter is about 4.5 – 6.5 mm.

Reed straws

Reed straws are made from 100% natural reed and have no chemicals. Production is sterilized to be safe for users and the environment. Moreover, it is easy to carry reed straws and suitable for all situations.

Reed straws from Vietnam

In terms of design, reed straws are made of reed with a slim and slight shape like a grass straw, but is more sturdy. Also, reed straws are not as heavy and rough as those made of metal or glass. In addition, when using reed straws, you will feel a faint aroma from reed and close to nature.

In recent, there have been many Vietnamese enterprises participating in making environmentally friendly straws such as bamboo straws, grass straws, paper straws… However, they are new products, so the production has not been able to develop strongly despite the positive signal. Hopefully, in the near future, natural consumption trends bring more natural straws to the community and create more jobs for farmers.