Dong Thap province: small chili brings joy to local farmers

Small chili in Dong Thap province

Dong Thap province cultivates many kinds of small chili: Chanh Phong, Thien Ngoc, Sen Hong… In the season of 2019, the total area of small chili is more than 2,000 ha. In which, Thanh Binh district accounts for the biggest area, with 85% of the total.

At the beginning of the year, the price of small chili ranges from 20,000-30,000 VND/kg. Amazingly, by the end of June 2019, the price is increasing to 60,000 VND/kg. Happily, many gardeners do not have enough chilli to supply to dealers. With such price, local growers gain profit of more than 300 million VND/ha.

Mr. Ut, a farmer in Thanh Binh district, regretted that his chilli harvested and sold for VND 25,000/kg. However, but he still earned more than VND 200 million/ha. “After two months of planting, small chilli begins to harvest and generate 15 – 20 tons/ha. Each chilli season, he can earn more than 170 million VND/ha/year compared to growing rice”, he added.

Small chili in Dong Thap province
Small chili in Dong Thap province

In many varieties of small chilli, Chanh Phong and Thien Ngoc are the most popular  types. These types generate beautiful color, spicy taste, and high nutritional value. Small chilli is processed into products for consumption, such as chili salt, chili powder, and fresh chili for export. Therefore, small chilli is becoming the high ecomonic value tree of the province.

Currently, the main consumption market of fresh chilli is China, mostly by the non-quota way. Moreover, a small part of small chili is exported to Malaysia, South Korea and Dubai.

Small chilli in Thanh Binh District has been granted a certificate of collective brand “Thanh Binh Chilli” by the government. Communes along Tien Giang River concentrates a lot of small chilli due to favourable conditions of cultivation.

The province is encouraging the growers to apply technology to improve productivity. In addition, the province is executing promotions to insure sustainable development of chilli trees.