How to differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

Differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

Do you know that garlic in the market today is mainly Chinese garlic? Are you wondering how to differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic? In this article, we will help do it.

Vietnamese garlic is grown mainly in Quang Ngai, Hai Duong and Bac Giang… Meanwhile, Chinese garlic is mainly imported through northern provinces. Chinese garlic imported to Vietnam has been cut stem, bleached, and cut roots … so that the appearance is very beautiful.

√ Appearance is the most distinctive characteristic to differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

About size, Vietnamese garlic is quite small and uneven, about 3cm – 5cm in diameter while Chinese one is large, round, greatly regular and commonly about 5cm- 8cm in diameter.

About color, Chinese garlic is whiter than Vietnamese garlic. In appearance, Chinese garlic is rounder, while Vietnamese garlic is in shape of ellipse.

√ Observating the garlic branches is also a way to differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

Chinese garlic branches are big, do not bunch, so it is easy to peel. In contrast, the branch of garlic in Vietnam is smaller, making it harder to peel.

√ It is the taste of garlic that can also differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

Vietnamese garlic, especially Kinh Mon garlic, has a pleasant aroma and specific pungency. Meanwhile, Chinese garlic has pungent taste but no smell.

√ Finally, it is possible to differentiate Vietnamese and Chinese garlic based on market prices

Vietnamese garlic is often more expensive than Chinese garlic. In the global market, Vietnamese garlic is 1.5 – 2.0 times higher than Chinese garlic in terms of price. However, Vietnamese garlic quality is much more higher than Chinese garlic.

Here are the most basic characteristics that help you differentiate Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic. Consumers can base on that to actively choose the type of garlic they want to buy. In addition, for the health of the whole family, consumers should choose reputable garlic suppliers, avoid buying garlic which is cheap, unknown original and sold widely on the market.

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