Hai Duong Province promotes the consumption of fresh carrots in Vietnam

fresh carrots in Vietnam

In the afternoon of 20th February 2019, the People’s Committee of Hai Duong province held a conference in Cam Giang district. The conference aimed to connect and promote the consumption of fresh carrots in Vietnam in the winter crop of 2019.

At the conference, more than 10 businesses that process, purchase and export agricultural products signed consumption contracts with local growers of carrots in Hai Duong province.

fresh carrots in Vietnam
Fresh carrots in Vietnam

Hai Duong carrots are one of the famous agricultural products in Vietnam. Currently, the area of ​​carrots in the province is 1,500 ha. With the average yield is more than 35 tons per ha, the total annual output is around 50,000 tons.

Carrots trees are mostly grown in Cam Giang district (550 ha) and Nam Sach district (650 ha). Local farmers plant carrots in September and harvest from mid-January to the end of April next year.

Carrot cultivation has been becoming concentration and specialization under Vietgap standards. Therefore, fresh carrots in Vietnam meet the strict requirements of high quality, good-looking, and safety for customers.

According to a governor, growers usually sell fresh carrots to the packing houses in Cam Giang District. Then, they will process for local and export markets. The main export markets for Vietnamese carrots are South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Dubai.

Vietnamese carrots: 4.5kg net box

However, due to high production costs and low productivity, price of Vietnamese carrots is relatively high compared to Chinese carrots. In addition, the carrot shapes are not very nice, which makes Vietnamese carrots less competitive in the foreign markets.

Enterprises required the government to promote consumption and invest in high technology forcultivation and production. Only doing these well, the government will improve carrot quality and income for growers here.