Overview of Lang Son star anise in Vietnam

Lang Son star anise

Lang Son star anise is a valuable product for local growers in the Northwest mountainous region. Star aniseed has many uses in our daily life. However, not everyone knows all the benefits that star aniseed brings.

With many years of collecting and selling anise, we will help you better understand the uses of star aniseed.

How to identify Lang Son star anise?

In fact, the name of star aniseed is not like people think. Originally, anise shapes like a flower so people call it as star aniseed. In fact, “star anise” is the product of aniseed crystallization.

Lang Son star anise
Lang Son star anise

Star aniseed is a perennial woody plant that grows popularly in the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam and China.

This is a year-round green tree with an average height of 6m to 10m. Anise leaves often grow alternately and are whole, thick, hard and smooth.

When anise anise forms young fruits with green color with 6 to 8 wings. When riping, the fruits are dark brown, each channel is about 1 to 1.5 cm long, pointed at the tip of the wing. If you notice, you will see a seed inside each wing that is quite round, slightly flattened, smooth, big, green pea.

Aniseed usually generates flowers in March to May. From July to September aniseed begins to mature and enters the harvest season. In addition, there are still off-season star aniseed that usually generates flowers at the end of winter. However, quality of this crop was not as good as in the main crop.

Lang Son star anise: Drying process
Lang Son star anise: Drying process

Star aniseed has a fairly narrow distribution area, usually the northern border area and southern provinces of China. At present, the area of ​​star aniseed cultivation is becoming less and less. However, the demand is increasing, so the price of star aniseed is increasing.

What is high-quality star anise?

High-quality star aniseed is anise that is low broken rate and high oil content. When we put quality star aniseed in the bedroom, we can feel faint smell of aniseed. Once cooking, adding one or two flowers of star aniseed can make the dish smell better and stronger.

What are benefits of Lang Son star anise?

Star aniseed has a lot of uses that maybe not everyone knows all.

In medication, spicy flavor in star aniseed flowers is used as a medicine to induce bowel movements,. Moreover, it stimulates the digestive system, treat abdominal pain, relieve pain, reduce stomach contractions and intestinal.

Using 4 to 6 grams of dry star anise for hot drinking water can improve the condition of the digestive system effectively. However, you should not be abused because of its high anise regimen, if used in large doses, patients may be poisoned.

Lang Son star anise: Green flowers
Lang Son star anise: Green flowers

Star aniseed soaks in alcohol massage can treat rheumatic pain extremely effective. Additionally, star anise is useful for treatment of poisoning of meat and fish and treatment of poisoning by snake bites.

Stimulate the taste buds, regulate blood flow, combat muscle fatigue and especially treat the flu very well… Especially, you just need to add a few drops of star aniseed wine in water that can prevent colds effectively.

In Vietnamese cuisine, star anise is a popular spice for cooking. Specifically, Pho, wine sauce, stews, … are indispensable for anise flavors.

Star anise and cinnamon powder can be mixed to make aromatic bags hanging in the room. This fragrant bag not only absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odors but also gives you an extremely comfortable scent.

Star anise is an important source of shikimic acid. This acid is an important ingredient to produce the H5N1 avian influenza drug Tamiflu. In addition,
star anise is also an important ingredient in the production of incense, bringing the aroma (incense) a distinct aroma.

What is the current price of star anise?

Normally, traders often offer prices to Vietnamese farmers. However, 2019 was a turbulent year when the price of star anise increased to a very high level. This also shows that Lang Son star anise is very popular with foreign buyers and the price is sometimes not important.

Lang Son star aniseed: reddish type
Lang Son star aniseed: reddish type

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