Finding solutions for Hai Duong carrot consumption

Hai Duong carrot

The amount of Hai Duong carrot is consumed by local enterprises, which accounts for more than 50%. The remaining is preliminarily purchased, processed and exported by export companies.

The carrot area in the province is now near the beginning of harvesting season. Last month, the government held a conference to discuss solutions to promote consumption of Hai Duong carrot in winter season 2019-2020.

Field of Hai Duong carrot
Field of Hai Duong carrot

At the conference, the governor estimated the total area of carrot cultivation in the province is more than 2,000 hectares. In which, Cam Giang and Nam Sach districts account for appoximately 80% of the total. The main harvesting season of Hai Duong carrot ranges from January to May, 2020.

More than 50% of fresh carrot output in the province is for local market. The remaining quantity is for export to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Middle East. At present, there are more than 50 traders and enterprises buying fresh carrots with daily quantity of 100MT. Recently, many supermarkets have also joined and supported farmers to boost consumption of Hai Duong carrot.

One processing factory of carrot in Hai Duong province
One processing factory of carrot in Hai Duong province

A representative of a big supemarket said “Last year, we started a program to promote carrot consumption for farmers in Cam Giang District on a system of 36 branches. Besides consumption of fresh carrots, we also processed products from fresh carrots, such as carrot juice and carrot jam. We believe in the next season, with the retail system of many large supermarkets, we will buy a significant amount of Hai Duong carrot”.

According to a director of an exporting company of fresh carrot, his company will buy 10,000 MT of raw carrots to process and export for the next season. “Our main export market for the last season was Japan, Malaysia and South Korea. Vietnamese carrots have more export advantages than Chinese carrots in terms of price and quality. Especially, for the Korean market, import tax for Vietnamese carrots are 0%, while 30% import tax for Chinese carrots. We estimate that in the next time, an increasing amount of fresh carrot from Vietnam will be exported to this market”.

 “However, seasonal characteristics are still the biggest difficulty putting pressure on carrots in particular and many winter vegetables in general. Many types of winter vegetables that we have to import when the harvesting season is over. Therefore, the government should have mechanism to support enterprises to invest in building a large-scale cold storage system. Besides, Vietnamese carrots are facing fierce competition with Chinese carrots, which are better in shape”, he explained.

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