Thousands of hectares of fresh carrot from Vietnam to be harvested

Fresh carrot from Vietnam

Thanks to the nutrient source from Thai Binh river, fresh carrot from Vietnam is not only consumed domestically but also exported.

Cam Giang District is a district with a long tradition of agriculture in Hai Duong province. Previously, farmers specialized in peanut and maize production. However, due to their low productivity and poor economic efficiency, they boldly converted to cultivate carrots.

The project of planting fresh and clean carrots was implemented in 2007. After 10 – year implementation, this locality has become the largest fresh carrot area in Vietnam. To gain this achievement, the government and farmers have jointly developed the specialized area in carrot farming.

In addition, the provincial governors usually open training courses, fostering knowledge and transferring technology to farmers. As a result, farmers gradually change the ineffective farming habits to applying advanced clean techniques in cultivation.

To prepare for planting, firstly, the manure milling is very small, then proceed to the bed. The height of the bed is about 20 – 25 cm. After that, farmers sprinkle decomposed animal manure on the bed surface and cover the thin layer of straw. Seeds after soaking mixed with lime powder and trimmed in bed.

To produce clean carrots, in the cultivation process, farmers do not use fresh manure to fertilize but use clean water. Farmers also do not use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides to spray the plants. Instead, they only use lime powder and biocides to kill fungi and pests.

Fresh carrot from Vietnam grows in a favorable natural environment, does not contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, the color is less eye-catching, less glossy, but the bulb is very crunchy and sweet.

To expand output, the local authorities create conditions for traders to collect rice fields and help them save money and peace of mind. In addition, growers also invest in equipment for preliminary processing and packaging of carrots, to improve quality and efficiency.

In 2016, the area of Vietnamese fresh carrot in the district was 3,000 hectares, yielding 47 MTs per hectare. The winter 2017-2018 crop, the whole district planted about 3,600 hectares. This is also the district with the largest carrot growing area in the province.

Each year, the district supplies thousands of MTs of fresh carrots to consumers in Vietnam. In addition, fresh carrot from Vietnam exported to in many foreign markets such as Japan, Korea, UAE, Oman …

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