Vietnamese fresh lime was intereted in Trading Fair in Malaysia

Vietnamese seedless lime

For the first time, Vietnamese fresh lime appeared at the 18th International Trade Fair held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On 9th August 2017, the International Trade Fair for Food and Food Service (MIFB) opened at the 18th at Putra International Trade Center. With three days of celebration, the fair attracted hundreds of businesses from many countries and territories, including Vietnam.

This was the first time Vietnamese farmers brought seedless lime to an international trade fair. The showroom that displayed unique and convenient processed products from lemons of Vietnamese farmers attracted and conquered many potential buyers at this fair.

From the desires of doing clean agriculture with the sincere farmers’ minds, Vietnamese fresh lime has reached out to the global market to affirm the special quality of a Vietnamese trademark.

MIFB is considered as a prestigious annual international fair. Businesses participating in the fair have opportunities to display and promote high quality agricultural products that are subject to the organic farming process.

On the first day, many customers surrounded the showroom of Vietnamese fresh lime find out product information. Many customers felt delighted that everything from lemons was processed by the manufacturer into handy products. They included canned natural lemon juice, pure lemon powder, lime salts, lemon essential oil, lemon slices and dried lime leaves…

The director of a Vietnamese lime company said, “We came from a farmer’s family, so we could hardly feel the pain of the peasants. If you just do farming without processing, the value is very low, the farmer’s income will not be better”.

“We regret to see that Thai people buy Vietnamese fruits at very cheap prices, then processing to Malaysia and Singapore at high prices, then processing these intensive and back to Vietnam at very high prices. That makes us anxious and determined to make something associated with agricultural products of the country. And that value must bear the brand of our Vietnamese”, he also said.

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