Export market for Vietnamese seedless lemon

Vietnam seedless lemon

Vietnam is a leading country that plants and exports seedless lemon. Most of Vietnamese seedless lemon planting is for export. Each year,Ā Vietnam exports hundreds of thousands of tonnes of seedless lemon.

The main export market for Vietnamese seedless lemon is the Middle East. The Middle East market accounts for 60-70% of the total export volume of lemons from Vietnam. In which, Dubai dominates a large number of Vietnamese lemons.

Dubai has a large seaport Jebel Ali and the state’s extremely preferred tariff policy. Therefore, Dubai should quickly become the central point for distribution to neighboring countries in the form of “temporary import, re-export”.

Most importantly, Dubai is a relatively easy-to-use market, not requiring any certification (GlobalGap, VietGapā€¦) as other markets. For them, the most important factor is import price.

Singapore is the second market for Vietnamese seedless lemon, which accounts for about 15-20% of total export volume. Singapore is the traditional export market of seedless lime from Vietnam. However, they require higher quality standards than Dubai and other markets. The export price is usually also much better, but limited consumption. Usually, their concern is the quality standard, namely the size of lemon.

Thailand accounts for 10-15% of the total export volume of Vietnamese seedless lemon. Nevertheless, Vietnam export lemon to Thailand by road through Cambodia. Thailand is also a leading country, which plants and exports seedless lemon in terms of quantity, price and reputation. Every year, in the dry season, they often consolidate into Vietnam to make up for the shortfall in Thailand.

The remaining 5-10% are other markets such as USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Pacific island nations. Vietnam exports in the form of frozen lemon and by air.

Interestingly, China almost seems to like and consume lemons with large spikes, thin shells, water content as much as Vietnamese seedless lemon.

Vietnamese source: nongsanductoan.com