Thousands of hectares of fresh carrots in Hai Duong province, Vietnam

Fresh carrots: Harvesting in Hai Duong province

Hai Duong is a province with a long history of agriculture in Vietnam. This locality is famous not only fresh garlic and fresh shallots for export, but also for fresh carrots. Fresh carrots from Hai Duong are recognized as clean, high quality, and reasonable prices for domestic consumption and export.

Previously, Hai Duong focused on planting peanuts and corns with common cultivation. However, due to low productivity and poor economic efficiency, farmers converted into fresh carrots.

The first project of cultivating clean and fresh carrots was implemented in Cam Giang District in 2007. After 10 years of implementation, the area of fresh carrots has enlarged to many districts in Hai Duong and Bac Ninh provinces. Nowadays, Hai Duong has become the cleanest carrot baskets in the North of Vietnam. To achieve this achievement, people and enterprises have jointly developed carrot farming, concentrated fertile sediment from Thai Binh River.

In addition, the government of Hai Duong province regularly open training courses, fostering knowledge and transferring technology to farmers. Through this, people gradually change the old farming practices ineffectively to applying advanced farming techniques.

To prepare for the planting of carrots, first, the manure milling is very small, then proceed to the bed. The height of the bed reaches about 20 – 25 cm. After that, people sprinkle decomposed animal manure on the bed surface and cover the thin layer of straw. Seeds after soaking are mixed with lime powder and trimmed in bed. To produce safe carrots, farmers do not use fresh manure, fresh water to fertilize but use clean water. Villagers also do not use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides to spray the plants. Instead, they only use lime powder and biocides to kill fungi and pests.

Hai Duong fresh carrots grow in a favorable natural environment. They do not contain toxic chemicals so the color is less eye-catching, less glossy, but the bulb is very crunchy and sweet. In order to expand output for the product, the local authorities create conditions for traders to collect rice fields and help them save money. Moreover, people also boldly invest in equipment for preliminary processing and packaging of carrots, to improve quality and economic efficiency.

Fresh carrots: Processing in Hai Duong province

Fresh carrots: Processing in Hai Duong province

The area of ​​clean and fresh carrots in Hai Duong province is now 3,500 hectares, yielding 47 tons per hectare. This is also the province with the largest carrot growing area in Vietnam. Each year, Hai Duong supplies hundreds of thousands of tons of clean carrots to domestic and international consumers. Our main markets for fresh carrot export are In Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Middle East…<

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