Hai Duong carrot: High productivity and cheap price

Hai Duong carrot

This year, 360 ha of Hai Duong carrot in Duc Chinh Commune, Cam Giang District reaches high quantity. The average productivity ranges from 2.0 to 2.5 MTs per sao (360 square meters), an increase of 20%, but only earn less than 7 million VND.

Hai Duong carrot has such high productivity because of the humid weather and less pests and diseases. This creates suitable conditions for the growth and development of trees. In addition, this year there is few heavy rain, so carrots are not rotten. Therefore, the harvesting process is very convenient.

However, the output of Hai Duong carrot depends too much on the needs of the Chinese market. This causes the farmers many difficulties, especially prices. The current price of fresh carrot in Hai Duong is 3,000 Dong/kg.

According to an export specialist of Hai Duong carrot, export grade carrots to export abroad must meet standards: beautiful bulb, head and tail of the same tuber and not blue head.

This year, export – grade price of carrot is cheap, ranging from 60,000 VND to 70,000 VND per box 10kg. Because Chinese carrot is in the season, they supply many to the market causes the price decrease.

To avoid being forced of price by Chinese dealers, the Governor encourage enterprises to buy carrots right at the field, which is favorable for farmers. However, with the current price, almost farmers take no profit.

Vietnamese source: The Hung